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Friends of St.Lawrence

Year 6 Cake Sale 10.6.16

Year 6 Cake Sale 10.6.16 1
Year 6 Cake Sale 10.6.16 2

The Friends of St Lawrence is an organization designed to promote social interaction between parents, staff and children. It also raises funds to supplement the funding received from the Local Authority. Among its events are discos for families, quiz nights, cake sales, an annual barbecue and the Summer fete.


Amongst the things that have been recently purchased are new lunch trolleys, new classroom clocks, 3 interactive whiteboards, a subsidy for Book Week and the parish First Communion cake. All parents are automatically members and the children are the direct and only beneficiaries of the funds raised.


The 200 club


The 200 Club at St Lawrence’s was originally set up to raise the funds needed to run a school minibus. In more recent years, the Club’s continuing contributions have helped to support other key activities such as school outings and the children’s wide range of sporting endeavours. In fact, without the support of the 200 Club, many of these activities would simply not be possible, so your support is central.


To become a member of the Club, just complete a form (available from the School office) and you will be assigned one number for each £1.00 you pay per month. There are no limits to how many numbers you can have, or indeed who can hold them i.e., Grannies, Grandads, Uncles, Aunties, Teachers etc . The more numbers you hold, the greater the likelihood of winning – and yes, there has been an occasion where one holder has won more than one prize in the same monthly draw! Winners names are published in the School newsletter.


1st Prize £50.00
2nd Prize £25.00
3rd Prize £10.00


With the help of the 200 Club members, over £10,000 has been donated to the school in the last 10 years and, with the support of new and current members, the 200 Club can continue to make donations to the school where your children benefit.