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Our Governing Body at work.

Our Governing Body at work. 1

Structure of FGB 2018-2019

Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.
We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests for your information.

The Governors at St Lawrence are responsible for working with the Head and senior management team to set the strategic priorities for the school.


We meet twice a term – and our specialist work is carried out by three specialist committees chaired by Peter McKay - Finance, Pay and Staffing ; Graham Reilly - Curriculum and Standards; Michael Fatyga - Facilities.


As a Catholic school most of our Governors are Foundation governors appointed by the Diocese. 

We also have representatives from current parents; the Staff and the local authority. The Head and the parish Priest are permanent members.


We have specific responsibilities – some of which are to:


- Agree the budget for the school

- Agree the sex and relationships policy for the school.

- Appoint the head.

- Monitor the school Development plan.


We are a very active group – and our meetings are always well attended. We will be publishing our minutes on this site from September.


We will also be seeking parent volunteers to join our sub-committees – so if you are interested look out for that request in the school newsletter next year.


For more information about governors and the National Governors Association please click here


Governors have to declare annually if they have any business interests with companies which may have dealings with the school. (see example below)


Governors have to sign a disqualification form. (see example below)

(No Governors currently have any business interests which could disqualify them. 17.10.2017)




Business Interests 2016

Disqualification 2016


Leo Duggan



Marta Lapinska



LA Members

Mr Graham Reilly















Mr Michael Fatyga



  Lloyd Gashu None


Claire Cowdery



Mr Peter McKay



Mrs Bridget Brinkley




Father John Byrne




Mr Victor Dejean



Mrs Monika Makosa



Mrs Evelyn Thompson (DHT)




  • ‘None’ indicates a form has been submitted showing no conflicting business interests

  • √ indicates a completed form showing no disqualifications has been submitted