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"Our school is a place where we all come together as one community to learn, have fun and make lasting friendships all under God's love and care."

Governor's Fund & Gift Aid


St Lawrence Catholic Primary School is a Voluntary Aided Faith School.  This means our school community have to pay 10% of the value of any capital funding we receive.  We are very reliant on the generosity of parents and friends to ensure there is sufficient money both for routine maintenance of our school buildings and to help towards the long term development of our school.  Voluntary-aided (VA) schools are local-authority-maintained schools and often, but not always, have a religious character. These schools are eligible for capital funding grants. Responsibility for work to VA school premises is shared between the school’s governing body and the local authority (LA). The LA has responsibility for the playing fields and the governing body are liable for all other capital expenditure.


As parents, you have made a conscious decision to send your child to a Voluntary Aided Catholic School. 

From September 2021, we ask that every family in our school community pays:

£10 per month / £35 per term / £100 annually 

If you are in paid employment and pay income tax, please complete a Gift Aid Form and return it to the school office.

Completed Project to reconfigure Early Years to create a new Office entrance and SEN provision