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St Lawrence

Catholic Primary School

"Our school is a place where we all come together as one community to learn, have fun and make lasting friendships all under God's love and care."

Our Staff

Staff Deployment 2020-2021

Mr L Duggan

Head Teacher

Designated Person Child Protection


Mrs E Thompson

Deputy Head Teacher

Deputy Designated Person Child Protection

T&L Assessment


Mrs K Higgins

Mrs C Moyse

Mrs C Nicholaou

Nursery - Acorn Class Teacher (0.8)

Nursery - Acorn Class Teacher (0.2)

 Acorn Class Nursery Nurse


Mrs J Troc

Mrs K Humphreys

Reception - Cherry Class Teacher

Cherry Class Nursery Nurse


Mrs S Bold (AHT)

Mr J Hall

Reception - Holly Class Teacher

Holly Class Nursery Nurse


Mrs S Moore

Mrs R Garcia

Year 1 - Willow Class Teacher

Willow Class Teaching Assistant


Miss R Duggan

Mrs H Ghataura

Year 1 - Juniper Class Teacher

Juniper Class Teaching Assistant


Mrs J Orpwood (AHT)

Mrs I Nikolli

Mrs F Ballantyne

Year 2 - Baobab Class Teacher

Baobab Class Teaching Assistant

Baobab Class Teaching Assistant


Mrs M Lapinska

Mrs E Sullivan

Year 2 - Acacia Class Teacher

Acacia Class Teaching Assistant


Mrs Hills (AHT)

Mrs T Enyenihi

Year 3 - Maple Class Teacher

Maple Teaching Assistant


Mrs L Kearsley

Mrs T Enyenihi

Year 3 - Elm Class Teacher

Elm Class Teaching Assistant


Ms G Elizondo

Mrs T Durrans

Year 4 - Poplar Class Teacher

Poplar Class Teaching Assistant


Mrs P Sharma

Mrs T Durrans

Year 4 - Mulberry Class Teacher

Mulberry Class Teaching Assistant


Miss G Taylor

Mrs DaSilva

Year 5 - Chestnut Class Teacher

Chestnut Class Teaching Assistant


Mrs S Piletto

Mrs DaSilva

Year 5 - Cedar Class Teacher

Cedar Class Teaching Assistant


Mrs A Chodnicki

Mrs J Walters

Year 6 - Redwood Class Teacher

Redwood Class Teaching Assistant


Miss J Gunning

Mrs S Awan

Year 6 - Oak Class Teacher

Oak Class HLTA


Mrs C Frampton


PE Co-ordinator


Miss Rosanna


MFL - Italian

Mrs J Gough

SENCO & Inclusion


Miss J Kennedy

HLTA / Cover


 Mrs J Dowling

 SEN Teaching Assistant


Mrs M Bouchereau


SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Nowak


SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Maynard


SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Fatyga


SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Wyatt


School Business Manager

Mrs R Scully


Clerical Officer

Mrs L Wigmore


Welfare & Safeguarding Assistant

Mr S Lawrence


Site Manager

Mrs C Deacon


Senior School Meals Supervisor