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School Uniform

When children start in the autumn term they may come to school in either summer or winter uniform. Parents will be informed of the date when all children will be expected to be in winter uniform. You will also be informed of the date when the children will be expected to be in summer uniform.


Uniform such as skirts, pinafores, trousers and polo shirts / shirts can be purchased from a range of clothing retailers and supermarkets.  Uniform with our school logo can be purchased from Sanco, Hounslow.


We have a limited amount of quality used uniform available to purchase.  We regularly hold used uniform sales throughout the academic year.  Please contact the school office for more information.


Our school uniform suppliers details, including online orders can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Nursery - Winter and Summer Uniform

School Logo PE Tracksuit

(Top and Bottoms)

White Logo PE T-shirt   
 Black TrainersGreen Logo PE Shorts
Reception Winter UniformWhite polo shirtWhite polo shirt
 Grey trousersGreen skirt or pinafore
 School Logo jumper or cardiganSchool Logo jumper or cardigan
 Grey or black socksWhite socks or red, green, white or black tights

  Black Shoes – strong flat footwear which can take polish.

(trainers and boots are not permitted)

  Black Shoes – strong flat footwear which can take polish. 

(trainers and boots are not permitted)

Reception Summer UniformWhite polo shirt & Grey shortsGreen & white stripe dress 

Years 1 to 6

Winter Uniform 

White shirtWhite blouse / shirt
 School tieschool tie
 Grey trousersGreen skirt or pinafore
                School Logo jumper or cardiganSchool Logo jumper or cardigan
 Grey or black socks

White socks or red, green, white or

black tights


Black shoes – strong footwear only which can take polish.

(trainers and boots are not permitted)

Black shoes – strong footwear only which can take polish.

(trainers and boots are not permitted)

 Years 1 to 6 

Summer Uniform

White polo shirt – no tieYear 5 and 6 only – White polo shirt – no tie and green skirt
 Grey shorts or trousers

Year 1 – 4 green & white stripe dress


PE Kit - Green logo shorts, white logo T shirt, black plimsolls (Optional) and red logo PE bag. School logo PE Tracksuit for outdoor sports during colder months. Trainers are permitted for outdoor PE only.


Children will come to school dressed in their PE kit on their PE day.  



Reception - Tuesday (From January 2024)

Year 1 - Monday & Tuesday

Year 2 - Wednesday and Thursday

Year 3 - Monday and Wednesday

Year 4 - Thursday and Friday

Year 5 - Tuesday and Thursday

Year 6 - Monday and Tuesday




Coats - Children should wear a warm, waterproof school coat. The coat should ideally have a hood. Hooded tops and denim coats are not permitted at any time of year.


Trainers - Trainers must not be worn unless as part of the school PE kit on their designated PE day. Trainers can be changed into during playtimes if required to protect school shoes, will continue at the discretion of the Head teacher.


Hair - All pupils with hair below the collar must wear their hair tied back with hair accessories in the school colours of red and green. Parents need to be mindful that these accessories should be tidy and that they should not be more than are necessary to keep the child’s hair tied back as they could cause a health and safety risk to themselves and other children. Hair can be cut short, but not shaved or have designs cut into the hair. Gel should not be applied to any child’s hair for school.


Jewellery - Earrings, studs and other jewellery other than a simple watch are not permitted in school under any circumstances.


Children are expected to conform to the school rules on the wearing of correct uniform. This includes the wearing of certain types of shoes or boots. Trainers are not allowed except for changing into during the lunch break for playing games outside. All items in school must be labelled clearly.



School logo jumpers and cardigans can only be purchased from Sanco Schoolwear.  PE kits, PE bags, striped summer dresses, school ties and book bags (for children in years Reception - Year 3) must also be purchased from Sanco Schoolwear. 

All our school uniform is ethically sourced and produced.


Sanco Schoolwear - 60 Bell Road, Hounslow TW3 3PB

020 8570 9990 -