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"Our school is a place where we all come together as one community to learn, have fun and make lasting friendships all under God's love and care."



“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” 

Frank Smith 


At St Lawrence Catholic Primary School we are proud to welcome families from a wealth of different cultures and backgrounds and we greatly value the rich diversity of our school community. Over 43 languages are spoken in our school, therefore English as an Additional Language (EAL) is integral to the success of our teaching and learning.

Children who are are identified as needing extra help to access the National Curriculum are supported in many different ways. We plan and deliver learning opportunities appropriate to the need of the children using a range of educational resources and materials.  Our children are encouraged to play as full a part as possible in class from the very start of their school journey. 


Some of the ways our children with EAL are supported in our school:


  • 1:1 Guided speaking, reading and writing lessons with the class teacher or support staff
  • Small group guided speaking, reading and writing lessons with the class teacher or support staff
  • Pair or small group work with strong English speakers              
  • Circle games practising vocabulary / structures
  • Small group games practising vocabulary / structures
  • Picture / vocabulary matching games
  • Picture and sentence matching
  • Available computer programs to support key vocabulary
  • Picture cards to support key vocabulary
  • Supported role play

Detailed below are some useful websites to support your child's learning at home