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"Our school is a place where we all come together as one community to learn, have fun and make lasting friendships all under God's love and care."

School Council

The school Council are a group of children who have been elected by their class to represent the school at regular meetings. The children were all delighted to be chosen. They were given a shiny badge to be proud of and a bookmark. The Junior children were also given a notebook, pencil and folder to be responsible for, as they have a very important job to do.  They understand they are the voice for their own classes and represent their friends' ideas and viewpoints as well as their own.  Their lunchtimes may become quite busy as they gather data, listen to views and represent their findings.

Our goal is to make the school a clean, happy, healthy, safe and fun place to be.


On 15th October, we held our first School Council meeting.  The Juniors have the task of devising methods to collect and present data and opinions about the lunch menu that the school currently enjoys. They will ask their friends about the food they enjoy and use graphs and questionnaires to display their research. They will present this research to Chartwells, the catering company that we use, and hopefully some of our suggestions will be taken into consideration.  We also discussed the roles of chairperson, vice chairperson and secretaries who will play much more of an important role in future meetings.  They will campaign for these roles at the next meeting and the councillors will vote. The children also learnt new phrases and their meanings like: agenda, minutes, campaigns, data research and market research.